Your work and wellbeing

Work is important. You might have a love-hate relationship with it; you love it at times, but others, it is downright insufferable.There are many challenges that you have to deal with at your workplace. It is not just work that is difficult, but your conduct, your environment, your colleagues, everything play a pivotal role in your wellbeing, that then adds onto the challenge of work.

These factors have a direct impact on your emotional health. Moderating your emotions is no mean feat. To not get frustrated, to not lash out, to not respond to the boss, to bear the insult, to take the attitude from the colleagues, it is all about keeping your nerves.

Otherwise, the emotional turmoil may lead to mental health issues. You might start to get anxiety or debilitating levels of stress, that then requires help from the Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Thus, it is important to know the art of regulating your emotional health. Some things to do in this regard include:


You might like your work, just not some of the people at work. It is natural that in a diverse group of people, you disagree with some of them. Hence, accept such people, and move on.


It is always important to have boundaries at work. Be cordial, of course, but do not let others exploit your niceness. Hence, rather than being frustrated with your colleague for leaving the work with you, communicate that you are not available to cover up for them.

Furthermore, also exercise boundaries when it comes to the different segments of your life. It is perfectly fine if your colleagues are just that, you do not always have to befriend them.

Also, draw boundaries between your home and work life; do not take the stress from work at home, and vice versa. Otherwise, you will be caught in the never-ending cycle of stress.

Preempt the emotion

It can also happen that before you, yourself, fully realize your feelings, your body starts to feel them. You may feel that your heart starts to beat faster, you feel irritated, you become blushed, you feel ill at east etc. These are some of the bodily feelings that preempt your realization of the emotion that you have been feeling.

So, if your body starts to feel this way, you need to address the cause of the issue. Perhaps you need a break, perhaps you need to distance yourself from work. Try to get to the root of the issue, before it becomes bigger and more difficult to remedy.

Read the room

Different places have different work culture. It helps to understand what the sentiment of the room is, so that you do not make a faux pas, that then causes emotional turmoil within you.

Sit with them

We are trained to not listen to our emotions, which is the wrong way to go about things. If you bottle your emotions, not only are you not addressing the problem, but the stress from bottling them manifests in the form of impaired physical and mental health.

Therefore, it’s important for you to acknowledge your emotions. You do not have to deal with them at work, you can sit with them after getting home. Resolve them then.


After long day at work, taking care of yourself can help. Similarly, you also must partake in self-care activities so that your mind and body are relaxed, and the negative emotions are purged.

Somethings to do in this regard include meditation, yoga, massage, getting enough sleep, eating healthy food and on time, allowing yourself breaks as well.

Seek help

If you find yourself perpetually irritated and agitated, it may be a sign of depression. Similarly, have high levels of stress and anxiety are also not good for your health. In such cases, it is pertinent that you visit a mental health expert like Psychiatrist in Karachi.

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