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It is an interesting thought as to why the word ‘game’ has been added in all of these articles and memes, but let’s not go there. Instead, I want to talk about something that matters. WordleBot have become so popular that they are now used on social media in real life through their use in games such as Go Fish or Life Time Bingo. The next generation of apps developed by the developers at Google is also quite promising. We can expect them to be soon introduced into our phones, bringing many exciting features. We recently saw some updates coming out of this new year for the game. One of those is the introduction of Wordlebots 2.0. This app allows you to play the classic version of Wordle, one of the most famous game versions, from over a decade ago.

WordleBot 2.0

Since its launch in 2015, when the first edition of this program hit stores, it had already established itself as a fan-favorite among players who love trivia games such as Crossword or Sudoku. In addition, many people worldwide also played, created, and shared various remixes of this classic game with other fans. The problem, however, is more than just making your copy of the original. Instead, you need to figure out what makes the Classic Version better. To do that, it involves looking back and recognizing key differences between the two versions.

As explained by author Andy Szelenyi, his team spent several months looking back at the history of how the Original vs. 2.0 game has changed since 2015 and made changes to improve its performance and player experience. He explains that while the design of Wordlebots 2.0 is still similar to the previous iteration’s concepts, the mechanics behind playing the game have evolved too. As a result, they are much more powerful than before. So to give your brain some extra fun, here is everything that needs changing to ensure your success on the Old Way!

Player interface

The old way was simpler than today’s WordleBot, especially compared to the modern ones. Here you needed to click on certain tiles and get them a bit depending on where the ball landed. Nowadays, instead of having to click on individual tiles in a certain place, this process is thanks to AI technology. Once a particular tile is selected, a whole series of visualizations change automatically in response to its location. You can also see this screen below if you don’t like how things work. They also said that you should avoid using the built-in tiles since they aren’t customizable. Thus, creating custom spaces is recommended over simple ones as it frees users to explore their creativity.

Players will notice that once you move to a certain spot on the board (called Block), its color shifts according to its position about the current Block being visited. It means that if you’re playing the same row of blocks as someone else, their colors won’t match up, but your opponent will win. How does this happen exactly? Well, it happens because every time the moving pawn lands, it pushes another piece toward the edge of the area you selected. When these pieces approach each other, the colors inside the square appear darker as a result. That’s why they change once you start clicking on different locations.


WordleBot feature only came into existence as a replacement for the existing text entry system in the last update in February 2019. Players will have to enter words manually now to receive any necessary reminders. While the older method gave them plenty of options to insert texts, the former required less typing and faster scrolling. However, it doesn’t stop there since the game also includes voice recognition so that you can ask your opponent questions in the chat box. Unfortunately, the conversation is only available for six characters so they could come across as monotonous. With the addition of this function, though, there is little reason for users to keep tapping away for six times longer in search of answers as long as they will get the right answers every time.

However, the number of possible patterns increases when you switch from the traditional setup of landing the ball to the newer layout of building the entire space (called Building). Since this new function increases the total number of places you can choose, sometimes you might lose a spot. Even worse, since it may visit different rows, the colors inside the squares might disappear completely. There has been a lot of speculation about how long these times could take until everyone wins. While no definitive answer has been as to when this game will become more accessible, the creators of Words with Friends explained that it would take a few iterations.

Lucky Draw & Lotto

Of course, the oldest part of the WordleBot is the ability to play the game yourself. But even then, adding Lucky Draw and lotto gets harder. Both functions require filling out special fields, which can lead to frustration. Most likely, they won’t be able to guess correctly, thus leading to losing money in the case of an unfortunate draw. Thankfully the rules of Lucky Draw are different from that of usual slots, so the results are much fairer. On top of that, you are not to repeat the numbers multiple times. Also, unlike usual bets, the winner will never lose even if they win big at the end by hitting the jackpot.

Although almost impossible to complete online, the lottery isn’t to luck. Each month, millions of dollars worth of prizes are to winners of the Big Three Lotteries—the Powerball, Mega Millions, and National Football League Cup—as well as weekly prizes of $20 if lucky enough to score 40 points during a sporting event. Although it can see that humans play all three games, the odds are pretty low to win one of them, but what does this mean? That it’s possible to play a lottery of any kind, regardless of whether one plays them individually.

WordleBot Tickets

By getting the winning ticket, you will receive 100% of all the prizes. It means that if there were a million tickets and 75 % of them were, the owner would receive 1%, roughly equal to 30 000 000$. If all these numbers were correct, the average person would win 250000$, and nobody in the US would lose anything when playing them. Of course, if the winning ticket owner went bankrupt after buying a jackpot ticket for 5 million$, then he would definitely lose all the money.

Still, it was nice to know that even without owning one of the lots, they can still take advantage of this opportunity, provided they buy a sufficient number of them. After all, no matter what happens, somebody will always find themselves in a position they were not to be in. Who knows? Maybe someday we will finally break down barriers and unite together.


So, there you have WordleBot ! All the differences between Playing the Classic Edition and Playing the Newer Version will make the difference to your ultimate success. Remember, Programmers and developers design wordlebots. Therefore, the improvements are minimal to what was. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you from trying to create your very own copy of the classic game. Remember that you’ll need to reflect on past years and reflect upon which aspects are the best. At least, that’s the plan we started with. And it goes without saying, remember to share this article with others and help them understand all of the nuances of these games! See you on Twitter tomorrow.



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