Virtual Team Building Activities That Will Stimulate Your Employees

The internet has basically changed the daily lives of our society, including the work culture. The remote setting has been present thanks to the rise of technology, where employees could work anywhere even in the comfort of their homes.

The remote setting saw its boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, as several companies were forced to adapt to a work-from-home policy just to keep the workforce intact while keeping everyone safe. Although some companies have given their workers an option to work in an office setup occasionally, it seems that the work-from-home setting isn’t going anywhere. Although there are benefits in a WFH setting, there are also some disadvantages in not working under an office setup for a long period of time including the lack of team connection and a decrease in morale at work.

Building genuine rapport in the work-from-home age could be a daunting task, especially since face-to-face interaction is still the best way to connect with one another, but there are several online team building activities that can help boost your workers’ morale while also helping remote co-workers get acquainted with each other. Virtual team building also helps establish effective communication and collaboration within your team. There are a lot of activities that you can organize, but these are three easy ideas that you can come up with for your team:

Online Icebreaker Games

A better way to keep your employees engaged is to have them participate in icebreaker games. It’s simple because it takes minimal effort to organize games for the participants. All you must do is make sure that your team will participate. Not only will it help the employees get to know each other, but the virtual games will also keep their minds off other things. You can never go wrong with timed drawing games or trivia nights, as long as everyone is having fun.

Virtual Lunch or Dinner

Think of it as a gathering, rather than a meeting. It’s good to catch up with your fellow workers outside of the working environment. In fact, try to implement the ‘no work talks’ policy for you to just talk to your colleagues personally. Being in a work-from-home setup is already challenging for everyone but having a genuine conversation even in a virtual setting could make a difference in boosting your workers’ morale. If you plan to set up a virtual lunch or dinner for your team, might as well be generous and treat their meals. You can send them out boba making kits or Either order from food apps like Grab or Foodpanda or just give them food vouchers.

Make a collaborative playlist

Music connects everyone, despite having different music tastes. Making a joint Spotify playlist could help your employees relate with each other. Maybe some of your employees listen to 80s or 90s music, or maybe there are Taylor Swift fans in your team. Your team could basically talk about their favorite artists or genre, or basically just their go-to music when they are working. Building a playlist where everyone can add their own music builds this collaborative spirit within your workforce.


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