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World Monuments Fund’s (WMF) Ukraine Heritage Response Fund will support Ukrainian cultural professionals. And provide the resources required to conserve Ukrainian heritage sites with an initial seed donation of $500,000 from the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation. Physical conservation efforts will be needed to stabilize. And restore numerous significant cultural sites across Ukraine News when it is safe. WMF is preparing for these demands in the future by building a solid base of financial assistance that it can use for physical conservation work at cultural heritage sites. To meet the urgent, urgent demands of Ukrainian heritage specialists and to establish the framework for the long-term rehabilitation and recovery of the nation’s cultural heritage, WMF launched four new initiatives as part of the fund.

Ukraine news - You must Know it

Safeguarding the Black House

The Black House, also known as Albert’s House, is a sixteenth-century building on Lviv’s Market Square. An AFCP-funded effort to conserve the Black House, including its main facade, courtyard, lobby, and collection of stone sculptures, was finished by the Lviv Historical Museum in 2019. It also made the Black House’s interior courtyard and a display of stone sculptures and architectural elements from Lviv structures. Today, the ornate sculpture-adorned building façade is especially susceptible to damage from adjacent ballistic missile explosions.

WMF is collaborating with the Lviv Historical Museum and Friends of the Lviv Historical Museum to construct a sturdy exterior structure that will protect the decorative façade while evoking the past. And aesthetic of the Market Square with funding from the U.S. Department of State through the U.S.  

Protecting Ukraine’s Wooden  

The most tserkvas, or wooden churches, are found in Ukraine News, with over 2,500. The UNESCO World Heritage List of Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine includes eight wooden churches from Ukraine. They are frequently found in isolated rural settlements and are fire-prone, especially in highly volatile settings. WMF collaborated with the International Council on Monuments and Sites and the Foundation to Preserve Ukraine’s Sacral Arts in response to experts’ requests.

(ICOMOS) will provide 440 water-mist fire extinguishers to Ukraine News, where they will assist in safeguarding up to 200 tserkvas. It purchased the extinguishers from the UK-based fire safety company Safelincs. And who made it possible to deliver a lot more extinguishers than would have otherwise been possible by donating accessories. It provides the equipment at a significant discount and covers shipping the extinguishers to Poland.

Through the Warsaw Rising Museum and Instytut Pawla Wlodkowica, the Polish Committee for Ukrainian Museums assisted with logistics. It is supplied warehousing in Poland, and coordinated subsequent truck transfers to Ukraine. The Center to Rescue Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage, the Heritage Emergency Response Initiative (HERI), and ICOMOS Ukraine, three Ukrainian partners, will distribute the extinguishers.

Ukraine News Trinity Church

When the Ukrainian Civil War broke out in February 2022, Zhovkva’s Holy Trinity Church, built in 1720, was undergoing repair. Unfortunately, the outcome was an abrupt end to work. It temporarily covered the topmost portions of the structure with plastic sheeting to stop more damage from occurring to the church. WMF committed to supporting the installation of a temporary waterproof membrane to protect the internal spaces of the church from providing additional protection for it for a protracted period. In addition, to shield Holy Trinity from lousy weather, it will put it where it took the roof off before the battle began.

Ukraine News Equipment and supplies  

The items needed to prevent collateral damage to sites are the ones that Ukrainian heritage professionals need most immediately. In collaboration with the Foundation to Preserve Ukraine’s Sacral Arts and the Center to Rescue Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage throughout Lviv, WMF has just approved the provision of more than 400 water-mist fire extinguishers for the protection of historic timber tserkvas, or churches, in Ukraine News.

As a component of the international property known as “Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region in Poland and Ukraine,” 8 of these churches are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In collaboration with ICOMOS and the Heritage Emergency Rescue Initiative, extinguishers will receive Ukrainian-language usage instructions and suggestions. In addition, professionals working in Ukrainian cultural heritage are reviewing their other material and support needs.

Damage documentation and evaluation

Heritage site managers will need help assessing the damage. And determining the most urgent restoration requirements once the war has subsided. A Ukraine News Taskforce has inside WMF to keep an eye on the situation and work with Ukrainian experts and various international parties. To assist the task force’s work, WMF also hired Kateryna Goncharova as a Ukraine Heritage Crisis Specialist to help direct initiatives to address the ongoing Ukraine crisis’s effects on the country’s cultural heritage sector.

Projects for restoration and rehabilitation

Although the total amount of damage is unknown, we are now aware of dozens of historical sites in varying degrees. Once the war has subsided, we aim to create projects that aid healing. WMF also continues to participate in UNESCO and other international emergency response coordination meetings to maintain the complementarity of all measures done to address short-, medium, and long-term requirements at heritage sites throughout Ukraine.



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