Three Pro Tactics to Design a Simple Website with Free Hosting

It doesn’t matter whether you are launching your first project or a startup to make your first million dollars, you’ll always need a website to get started. A website is not only a tool to start a business digitally but also gives you worldwide access necessary to target your audience easily.

But many times, beginners search for free hosting. Of course, for the first time, it can be difficult to invest your money in digital commodities. So is it really possible to build or design a simple website with free web hosting?

Yes, it is. Free website hosting is still in use in 2022. However, free doesn’t mean that they will give you the same service you expect from paid hosting. But, still, in many cases, free website hosting can be helpful in testing your website, building your initial site design, or creating it for the client.

But how to design a simple website with free web hosting? Don’t worry, today’s blog shares pro tactics that can help you to design a website for free without any hurdles.

So, let’s get started.

Pro Tactics to Design Website with Free Web Hosting

Designing a simple website isn’t a time-consuming task. All you need is to get free website hosting and start building your website. But what if you don’t know how to design? Or a non-tech-savvy? Don’t worry, the WordPress has made it easy for you to design a simple website regardless of any technical knowledge.

With WordPress and other website builders, you can easily design sites without any hurdles. But where to find a free website hosting service? Well, many companies offer a free trial such as HostBreak, Bluehost, etc. However, completely free web hosting can be difficult to find.

To make your work easy, this blog shares the top website hosting services that are free and have no additional cost.

  • Wix- This is a website builder that can also help you to create and host a site for free. However, you need to pay their charges in order to remove their domain name from your website which comes with a few more limitations.
  • Google Cloud Hosting- This isn’t technically free, however, offers a free one-year trial that includes one website, unlimited storage, and extensive support documentation.
  • Free Web Hosting Area- If you want completely free web hosting services for your site, then this is the best option for you. The Free Web Hostings Area is a volunteer-maintained hosting service that offers free email support, MYSQL database, unmetered traffic, and 1.5 GB of disk space.

But what are the pro tactics to design a simple site with free-of-charge hostings services? Let’s know below.

1.   Sign Up for Your Selected Host

Once you selected the website hostings services the next step is to sign up for your host. Go to the site, and click on the signup option. You need to provide some details such as your name, domain name, etc. Once you successfully conducted this step, you will be directed to the main dashboard of your cPanel.

This is where you can get confused, with so many options. But don’t worry, just follow the next tactic to find out how to design the site.

2.   Install WordPress

One of the best tactics that you can follow to design a simple website with cost-free hostings is WordPress. WordPress offers you free themes and customizable templates that make your work easy. Therefore, all you need is to install WordPress to start designing your site.

You can download a WordPress, or find an option on cPanel indicating the WordPress logo, click on it, and complete your downloading process.

3.   Select Customizable Theme

Once you log in to your WordPress account, now it’s time to select your theme and templates. Select the right theme that fits your website’s purpose. Don’t worry if you are getting confused, as you can’t achieve perfection for the first time.

Select multiple themes, run them, and check out how it looks. You can also add plugins for various purposes such as SEO optimization, content management, etc. These tactics are one of the best ways to design a simple website without any issues.

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