Sure Shot Tips to beef up IELTS Speaking Scores

Are you shivering with the IELTS Speaking exam knocking at the door? Don’t worry! It’s just an exam and you will definitely clear it with little changes in your study routine. Well, the majority of the students relate the IELTS exam with the academic English exam. This is totally wrong! The IELTS exam is quite different and arduous from the ordinary English test. It generally tests a candidates’ abilities and skills in English and usually considers four main factors such as fluency, coherence, grammar and vocabulary. Aspirants find it easy to prepare for all the other sections except speaking even though they use English in numerous ways in their daily lives. So, this article is all about the methods that can help you enhance your IELTS Speaking scores.

To speak confidently and fluently is a herculean challenge for candidates from non-English speaking backgrounds, especially for Indian candidates. From all across the world, the rate of Indian students appearing for the IELTS online test is much higher than other countries. However, only a few of them manage to speak in front of a native English speaker and the rest run out of thoughts. It is because of the incomplete knowledge about the exam pattern and lack of practice. So, don’t commit this blunder and if required seek help from an illustrious source that offers the best IELTS online classes. Apart from it, follow the underneath tips to upgrade your speaking skills and IELTS speaking scores.


Here are some of the amazing tips that can help you score well in the IELTS online test speaking:


  • Keep a close check on the pattern, timing and scores in IELTS online test

Yes, it is the foremost step of every exam preparation in order to take your preparation on the right path. The IELTS online test is basically categorized into three main parts: introduction part, cue card round and general discussion round. The introduction part is generally of 4-5 minutes in which candidates have to answer questions based on their personal life such as hobbies, education background, and hometown and so on. One needs to answer the questions shortly and straightforwardly.

Finally, the discussion round is a general conversation between the candidate and the examiner and usually lasts for 4-5 minutes.    One can simulate the experience of the speaking module by giving a mock interview.  You can enroll in a reliable platform that conducts the finest IELTS online test and give a mock interview to ramp up your confidence and preparation.


  • Fluency and vocabulary IELTS speaking

A number of students fail to maintain fluency in the bustle of using hard vocabulary words. Note that your IELTS speaking scores are dependent upon both these skills. You won’t be able to hit the target score if you can’t maintain consistency between both factors. So, IELTS speaking with full determination. It is better to use words you are sure about and know how to fit in sentences perfectly.

  • Don’t speak crammed answers in IELTS exam

IELTS aspirants usually memorize answers as they do in schools and colleges. They don’t know that cramming is not going to work in the IELTS exam. If you get an unprepared topic in the IELTS exam, what will you do? Moreover, if you get a prepared topic and try to respond by memorizing, it will impact your fluency. Thus, the examiner will surely get to know that you are recalling the answers and will mark you accordingly. So, make sure to give realistic answers based on your personal experiences.


  • Give yourself a pep talk in English

A pep talk in English is the best way to boost your skills in English.  Try to make an assortment of sentences by using different vocabulary words, appropriate grammar and correct sentence structure.  In a pep talk, nobody is there to judge you and this will encourage you enough to talk freely in English. Thus, it will aid in boosting your confidence and fluency which in turn will positively impact your IELTS speaking scores. Well, if you want to attain proper assistance from a mentor to ramp up your skills, you can consider joining the best IELTS online classes.


  • Don’t stress if you made a mistake

Making a mistake in an exam is not a crime, so why panic over it? In speaking, aspirants often commit mistakes when they try to speak quickly and use strenuous vocabulary words. This way, they utter wrong words or pronounce them incorrectly. However, if you get stressed over a single mistake, you are more likely to commit more mistakes. Therefore, in case you made a mistake, just relax and move on further. It will help you speak further with full consciousness that will alternatively improve your IELTS speaking scores.

Well, this tip is not only limited to improving the IELTS scores but also helps you upgrade your PTE scores. If you need more information regarding the PTE exams, you can approach the reputable institute that offers eminent PTE online classes.


Wrapping up:

To wrap up, speaking in English is not a troublesome task if practiced devotedly.  The above-mentioned are some incredible tips that can help you perform better in IELTS speaking and make you able to achieve the desirable band score.












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