Significance of Address Verification in the E-Commerce Industry

Businesses have devised strong methods for validating people as a result of the rise in chargebacks as well as other fraudulent behaviors. To assure genuine customer enrollment, e-commerce companies and other online firms have created strong authentication processes and authorization tools. The likelihood of criminal activity increases dramatically in the absence of identity verification. Each day, the percentage of chargebacks rises and fraud rates rise along with it. Therefore, it is imperative to address validation in order to ensure that the organization is protected from various fraudulent actions.

There are many reasons why address verification services have become more and more widespread in recent years. Let’s discuss every significant component of this solution, and it will assist in making the best choice for the company.

What Does Address Verification Mean?

Before every transaction, use an address detection approach as a security measure to validate the address of the consumers. As a result, all communications and transactions are carried out securely and only with authorized users. To confirm the legitimacy of the customers, one must ensure that the address is valid.

Address verification services optimize client address data by using cutting-edge technologies supported by artificial intelligence. With the use of high-quality address information, businesses may cut down on chargeback fraud and the shipping costs brought on by fraudulently given faulty and misleading addresses. It also creates a framework for reputational risk mitigation. This serves as an additional safety measure to maintain AML/CFT criteria.

Significance of Online Address Verification

Returned deliveries and chargeback scams cost eCommerce companies a significant amount of money each year. It is difficult to deliver products to the correct address since con artists frequently give false addresses. An additional layer of security provided by address verification services helps to decrease the number of fraudulent operations. Every day, there is a greater need for reliable address verification. The necessity for address verification in the business is driven by a number of factors. Some of the motives include:

Fraud Prevention 

The main reason a company would need to verify an address is for this reason.  Verifying address is vital for any company, whether it is a finance company or an online store. Chargeback fraud is a problem for online firms; according to data, this year’s loss of income amounted to almost USD 30 billion. In two years, the number of chargeback frauds rises by 41%. As a result, businesses must take security precautions in order to protect their digital business. Verifying an address can aid employees in reducing online fraudulent activity and managing reputational risk more effectively.

Reduce Returned Shipments

One of the biggest disappointments for any company comes from returned deliveries, and if the addresses are invalid, the firm will probably run into this problem again and again. Online purchases are expected to reach $123.9 billion, of which 30% would be returned, as per CNBC projections. About $37 billion will be spent on these returned goods. With the use of an address verification system, the increasing prevalence of these deliveries can be managed and decreased.

Enhance Customer Experience

All companies want a better customer experience, but online sellers have a greater responsibility. One can retain the latest list of all their clients with the aid of address authentication. The firm will be able to engage with them more easily and offer quicker delivery services as a result.

Better Adherence to FATF Recommendations

All organizations must conduct identity verification procedures in accordance with FATF standards in order to protect customer security and uphold corporate integrity. Verification of address aids online firms in both identity verification and ensuring that the company effectively adheres to KYC/AML standards. Additionally, the implementation of 6AMLD by regulatory bodies has proven compliance more difficult. However, authorization services can make it simple for the business to abide by the rules.

Final Thoughts

The frequency of chargebacks, account takeovers and other fraudulent practices is rising. Unfortunately, scammers have created more advanced tactics for their nefarious intentions, making it crucial for all firms to resist these crimes. Performing standard identity verification procedures is no longer sufficient. Systematic address validation can strengthen the KYC procedure. It can aid all e-commerce companies in lowering chargebacks and illegal transactions.

To prevent fraud and protect the platform, the company requires an AI-based address verification mechanism. The technology allows the client onboarding process easier and guarantees process performance with the aid of several AI models.

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