The Next clearance will soon be here, so anyone looking for a deal should remember these pointers before parting with their money. Even the most seasoned shopper may find the scale and variety of items available at Next clearance legendary sales when hundreds of clothes and household goods are marked down to absurdly low rates, overwhelming. So whether you intend to buy in-person or online at, having some fantastic tips from an ex-employee could be the hidden weapon you need to become a super shopper.

Start preparing for the massive shopping event with these tips below. As provided by an ex-store employee, as some customers have noticed VIP invites in their inboxes. The end-of-year Next clearance is to begin on Christmas Day online and then Boxing Day in shops across the UK. Before anything goes on sale, do a stock check at your neighborhood store to familiarize yourself with what they have. If you intend to shop online, prepare a list of all the things you want to buy and bookmark them.

Next Clearance – Facts and Timing

Next Clothing History

For £1.75 million, the business acquired womenswear shop Kendall and Sons in 1981 from retail giant Combined English Stores. Hepworth now has access to over 600 stores on British high streets.  The goal was to transform Kendall’s stores into a chain of womenswear boutiques to mirror Hepworth’s brand of male stores. George Davies was to work at Kendall’s by designer and Hepworth chairman Terence Conran at the time. However, Davies’ plan was to initially rebrand Kendall’s outlets as part of a new company he branded Next. On February 12, 1982, the first Next Clothing debuted, and by the end of 1983, Kendall’s had undergone the switch.

After becoming CEO in 1984, Davies converted 50 Hepworth locations to the Next clearance concept and expanded the product line to include menswear. Due to this, small department stores that sell clothing for both men and women were able to flourish. The addition of Next interiors to stores that were to be in the “appropriate demographical locations” to this. To be nearer to the major clothing manufacturers, Davies moved the group’s headquarters from Leeds to Leicester in 1986. The business was renamed Next plc.

Sign up to get Online

According to rumors, the sale will begin on December 25. Since Next clearance usually launches its sales online first, arriving early is a smart move. Sometimes a rapid spike in traffic and crash might overburden a site. You’ll have a greater chance of finding the deals you actually want by following our prior advice to bookmark items beforehand and enter first. Even better, add your desired items to your shopping cart in advance and hit refresh when the sale starts.

You can receive a VIP invitation to the sale if you are a frequent Next clearance customer and have a credit account. In the past, this has occurred. And it’s a terrific method to reserve a time slot to browse the sales 24 hours before anybody else. Be on the lookout for things with black-and-red spots and strange codes on swing tickets. This is a solid sign that the item will be. The amount of discount the item will receive is occasionally by the code and number, however, this is not always the case.

Go to the Store

Going to a smaller or out-of-town store doesn’t guarantee that you won’t find what you’re looking for. When compared to a flagship store, a smaller high street location or one in a retail park will see less foot traffic. It is  making your shopping experience a little less stressful. For the very motivated early risers ready to camp out at an obscene hour, the majority of large stores will open at 5 or 6 am. If you’re looking for specialized items or larger household furniture and stuff, doing this is a great decision.

But because there are more things waiting to be on a rail in the stock room out back. In most retailers WILL refill their inventory throughout the day. If you can’t get there first thing, I suggest going for a supermarket sweep-style shop an hour or so before the store closes. Why? At this time, retailers begin to organize and arrange their inventory.

Be prepared for shopping

You will unavoidably become irritable because it is hot and busy. Being well-prepared is not only a good idea but also essential. Bring water, don’t carry a large handbag, and wear comfortable flats or sneakers. If you can, eat before you go since no one wants to serve or shop around for a hungry person who is scurrying around looking for deals. Carry some snacks with you; a good smoothie or cereal bar should stave off hunger long enough for you to finish your shopping. And with that, visit the restroom as well. Nothing is worse than having to abandon a basket full of groceries in order to make a quick trip to the bathroom.

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