LinkedIn -Grow Your Business

LinkedIn -Grow Your Business

One of the social media and networking sites with the most rapid growth in the international business community is LinkedIn. Companies should take advantage of everything this network has to offer, including prospecting, lead creation, digital marketing, B2B and B2C connections, and more. By publishing material, LinkedIn members can attract new readers to a business blog or website and promote their brand name to a wider audience. But how should you actually use LinkedIn? It goes without saying that you or your business may already have a system in place for contacting potential customers or generating leads.

But knowing more about where the platform is now and where it’s going will help you focus your efforts in the best possible directions. Should your LinkedIn strategy, for instance, focus on millennials or baby boomers? Taking a step back or pushing B2B partnerships forward? Publishing editorial or video content on your business’s pages? Discover some interesting LinkedIn statistics and information that will help you better focus on and expand your business using LinkedIn’s wide-ranging network and resources.

LinkedIn -Grow Your Business

LinkedIn for Professional

There is no greater site than LinkedIn to sell to professionals. The platform allows users to network with other like-minded businesspeople, apply for employment, find candidates for open positions, and keep up with global organizations and key figures. LinkedIn, happy 18th birthday! Why, therefore, is this birthday so important? LinkedIn cannot vote or purchase alcohol. According to Hoot suite, this is because it is the oldest social network still in operation. Yes, it predates Facebook by around nine months. And it keeps expanding rapidly. Therefore, if you haven’t joined LinkedIn in the last 18 years, you should. If it’s been around for this long, it must have some staying power; if not, it’s time to open an account. If you do, start employing it more frequently.

Posting on Wednesday

‍You’ll get the most views on your LinkedIn material by posting on Wednesdays between 9 and 10 am, according to Sprout Social. It’s also a good idea to provide information on Wednesdays at noon and on Thursdays after lunch. Take note, post accordingly, and don’t forget to take time zones into consideration. Consider timing your postings appropriately to reach the appropriate markets if you are in New York but the majority of your contacts, connections, or prospects are in London.

According to Widow, LinkedIn is the third most well-liked platform for video marketing, after Facebook and YouTube. You might want to think about including video in your LinkedIn content marketing strategy if it isn’t already. Internet people adore video, so think about using live video, live streaming, or brief tutorials or explainers to promote your service or company.

B2B marketers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place for B2B marketing and sales professionals to be more than ever (and according to stat number three, more effective than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to lead generation). When it comes to their professional networks, 70% of B2B marketers desire to increase their efforts on LinkedIn, according to Oberlo. This translates to more leads for B2B transactions, more customers, and more prospects for businesses in 2021. Now is the moment to strengthen your B2B Company’s Linked In strategy for 2021.

According to AdWeek, there are 87 million millennials on LinkedIn out of the estimated two billion worldwide. Despite the criticism they frequently receive, millennials are a powerful generation. If you play your cards right, the more than 11 million millennial decision-makers who are users of LinkedIn could have a big impact on your brand or business. There are more than 2.7 million salespeople, who hold the top millennial job on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn viewers

A fully finished company website is essential to the brand of the business and increases views by 30% each week. It is crucial to pay attention to the aesthetics, accuracy of the information given, consistency, and visual appeal of this section because it is the first thing that a person visiting your LinkedIn Page will see. It is only advised to begin communication on the company website based on a well-thought-out strategy in the next phase.


Just having a Linked In account and occasionally using it is insufficient. You also need to know where Linked In is going in the future, so knowing some crucial numbers and information for 2021 may help you decide how to position your company on the platform strategically.

The key conclusion to be drawn from many of these statistics is that linked in won’t be disappearing any time soon. Its user base is expanding, including millennials, millionaires, salespeople, and others. Therefore, it’s time for a refresh if your company’s LinkedIn strategy hasn’t been properly curated in a while. You may make a plan to help expand your  prospects, lead generation, clients, content, and more using the information in this article.

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