Imginn – Download Instagram, Tiktok Video

You can save your Instagram stories for free online with Imginn. This new tool can download Instagram stories, highlights, images, and videos. To arrange your files, you may also use the folder-based system already installed on your computer or phone. It is a free online Instagram backup application that enables users to use the public Instagram API to save Instagram photographs. It cannot verify user identity. Thus when downloading images, please be mindful of the copyright. The official Instagram account is not affiliated with imginn. 

All videos, images, and previews are exclusively hosted on Instagram servers, and their respective owners retain all ownership rights. We do not host any content on our servers. Without using their names, users of it can see and download Instagram data such as images and videos. The most delicate part of this software is that you may utilize all of its functions without knowing the person whose pictures you are seeing and downloading. There are some limitations on how it can be used. However, these minor things do not alter how much it is capable. A user of it cannot like or share other users’ Instagram videos or photographs.

Imginn - Download Instagram, Tiktok Video

Imginn Mode of Operation

The Imginn API is utilized. Users can download and browse stories from other Instagram accounts using the platform’s open API. It offers a lot of helpful features that can be helpful to you when using it. More details are provided in this article. Let’s start by going through how to use this website. It’s not difficult to utilize this website, despite what you might assume.


First, you shouldn’t trust it to watch over your accounts. So it cannot read private accounts’ posts or stories. Only publicly accessible accounts upload images and videos and can view reports. Users are not permitted to like, upload, or submit movies or photos in posts.

While using this website, we are unable to ensure your online safety. This third-party website uses the public Instagram API for all of its features. Although it uses Instagram’s open API, we are unsure about its security.

Is Imginn Data Hacking Capable?

It depends on how you use the site and whether you can get hacked. It has a low-security rating, as we discovered when we used various web tools to assess the area. Imginn website performs a really peculiar action. There is no information about the website’s proprietors. Consequently, Instagram only offers a primary user interface for viewing profiles. Because it receives funding from advertisements, it is operational and existing. On this website, advertising may occasionally be seen.


  • Despite its limitations, Imginn gives you a lot of flexibility. It would help if you first touched on me in the top right corner to navigate your profile. You can log out, change your username, start following friends, or stop following friends from this page.
  • Tap on each of these features to utilize them on this website. You can schedule posts on your main account or test captions before uploading them using Imagine, even if you can’t post straight from it.
  • It can find these steps under “Settings,” depending on the phone or operating system. They may vary. Because Google Calendar enables you to schedule posts in advance, it is beneficial for Android users.
  • Apple Notes or Evernote for iPhone users, as both, allow you to edit, remove, or postpone already-completed events. It implies that you can still post something even if you forget about it till the end of the day. The time of your event is always subject to change.
  • Don’t worry if none of those apps are functional for you. Just adjust your strategy to fit what you had in mind. Just keep in mind to save all of your event details in a different calendar, so they don’t get confused with other events.


Everyone cannot like a brand’s page. Therefore, you must be at least 18 years old and a resident of one of the following countries to use it: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, or Spain. Additionally, you need to accept the engine’s terms of service and have Pages from other businesses on your profile. They do not want users to create several accounts, use false information, or attempt to circumvent these restrictions to add Facebook friends they do not know.

 You can access those Pages even if you don’t have an account. We don’t yet know whether brands will permit you to engage with their posts in any way other than simply liking them. But you believe that after enough people use Imagine, businesses would reconsider and allow non-users to like and comment on their postings. While this loophole is still open, you can utilize the imginb substitute for nothing until then. Keep in mind: When your friend notices that you liked a post from her favorite Facebook business even if you’re not a part of its community.

There are a few simple ways to register on

First Action: Create a profile.

  • To utilize this service, you must first create an account. You can download Instagram stories after completing the short registration process on
  • You don’t need to know anything in particular or have any specialized abilities to set up an account. Suppose you wish to conceal your identity.  
  • Once you’re finished, the account needs to be verified. You have created something that anyone wishing to obtain stuff from your website can grasp by providing your name and phone number.

Visit your account and log in.

To access the company’s account, click the Login option. You must enter the username and password you choose when signing up to access your account. After a few tries, if you still can’t connect, clear the cookies off of your browser and give it another shot.

Find the video you want 

On iOS and Android devices, one of our most well-liked apps for downloading Instagram stories, This step is essential since it needs to store videos on your phone’s storage if you intend to webcast the entirety of your account.

See the video and download it

  • If you entered something incorrectly or made a grammatical error, don’t panic. On your Dashboard, click Settings > Preview Posts.
  • Suppose a tag can be clicked on when the Tumbler link is posted. After that, you can save any modifications you make. Suppose you make your work visible to others.
  • On the Dashboard, it will appear as a draft so that you may make adjustments before sharing it with everyone.

Email the video

  • On your phone, tap the camera icon. To watch the video, click here. Determine the length of the clip. The link should point to your Facebook page.  
  • They’ll become visible on Twitter. News items from social media. There are visible platforms. You can bookmark any image or video you like while browsing our website.
  • It makes no difference if it’s a picture, a video of a celebrity you follow, or a group of friends sharing their daily activities. You can purchase all of these items to achieve the look you desire. We have both short films and high-resolution pictures that fill the entire screen.
  • You don’t have to hold off on watching something till others have. You can play it since Imagine has already saved it. The most significant time for you is whenever you want. Nothing needs to be downloaded because everything will be available online. Installing our mobile application is advised.


 The service owner doesn’t want Facebook to access any of the personal data of users who use Instagram without creating an account since they typically wish to maintain some privacy. Not having an Instagram profile can benefit those who desire to use social media less. They do not want to restrict it, though fully.  




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