The Hull Daily Mail, the top-selling paid regional daily newspaper in Yorkshire, has served the Hull area for more than 130 years. The Mail takes pleasure in producing reliable, high-quality material that locals enjoy reading. The Hull Daily Mail is an English regional daily newspaper for Kingston upon Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with a daily print circulation of thousands of readers. Since 1885, the Hull Daily Mail has been published under several names. The East Riding Mail, a second edition, covers East Yorkshire west of Hull.

Published by Mail News & Media, the newspaper. The Hull Advertiser and Beverley Advertiser, two other free weekly publications, as well as the monthly publication The Journal, are all published by Mail News & Media. Owner Northcliffe Media was by Local World in 2012 from Daily Mail and General Trust.  Trinity Mirror, which now goes by the name Reach plc, acquired Local World in 2015. The Hull Daily Mail is  every day but Sunday and has 10,232 readers. The title of the paper’s debut issue on Tuesday, September 29, 1885, which reads Hull Daily Mail and East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Courier (with which is incorporated), gives away its antecedents. Times of Hull and Lincolnshire. The daily newspaper was 4 pages long, half a penny, and had 4 pages.

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Although it was that it would not be by its national principles with regard to local affairs, its political approach was both defensive and aggressive conservatism. It wouldn’t use “stereo,” but rather would only use its own reporters. And it would use the most effective telegraphic transmission for national news. It was designed to be a successful business enterprise since it was thought that success would guarantee quality. The Hull Daily Mail And Hull Packet was the title of the newspaper beginning on March 8th, 1886. The Hull Packet ran from 1787 to 26 February 1886, when it ended with issue number 5,288. It had a history of over a century.

The Hull Daily Mail’s online archives provide a priceless record of the city’s social history from 1885 to 1950 and place its narrative in the perspective of local, national, and global events. ‘Snapshots’ of people who have no claim to fame other than the fact that they were there can be found at small clubs, bars, theatres, and movies, businesses, churches, schools, and neighborhood groups, along with stories of minor accomplishments and minor crimes.

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The Hull Daily Mail’s general design and logo were in 2015, replacing those that had been in use since the middle of the 2000s. Weekend supplements and a TV and entertainment guide called “The View” were also. Neil Hodgkinson, editor of the Hull Daily Mail, was to editor-in-chief for the Humber and Lincolnshire regions of Trinity Mirror in February 2016, taking charge of the Grimsby Telegraph, Scunthorpe Telegraph, and Lincolnshire Echo in addition to the Hull Daily Mail. His title portfolio was in March 2018 to include the Reach PLC publications covering the North East, including the Chronicle, Journal, and Teesside Gazette. After being by Trinity Mirror in 2017, The Hull Daily Mail  the logo on its website to read “Hull Live.” In May 2018, Trinity Mirror its name to Reach plc.

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One of the top regional news websites in the nation. Hull Live is the top source for news, information, and sports in Hull and East Yorkshire. With more than 2.8 million visitors every month to and more than 60,000 readers of our daily print publication. The Hull Daily Mail, we provide the largest audience for local companies to advertise their goods or services. The way people look for and make purchases has changed over the last several years as have media and consumer habits. The Hull Daily Mail and Hull Live make sure to meet the demand for platforms and solutions that take into account these shifting habits.

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You may communicate with anybody, anywhere, at any time, using our media mix. Through a variety of mediums, including print and digital media, we connect with locals. We work hard to promote audience growth and provide advertisers with the best possible potential for response since there has never been more demand for local content and for businesses to engage with their target customers.

  • Everything in Hull that is happening is covered by Hull Live.
  • And there are many different methods to obtain your news if you want to stay up to date with all that is happening in Hull and East Yorkshire. The finest is our daily email, which delivers a roundup of the most important items each day.
  • However, you may also get our free app and follow us on your preferred social networking network.
  • No matter how you want to get your news, we are here for you. We also want to make it simple for you to learn about local events.
  • Here’s how to get the most recent news from Hull Live about Hull and East Yorkshire.
  • The Hull Daily Mail app lets you completely customize when and what news you want to read.
  • The best way to follow breaking news from Hull, including video interviews and notifications for traffic and travel, is through the app.


Additionally, the app offers:

  • Native iPad compatibility for a better tablet experience.
  • Force Touch allowing you to peek and pop into an article.
  • On compatible iPads, the app’s iPad edition also supports Split View.
  • The ability to follow topics that are important to you, follow your favourite authors in the same way you follow any topic. Then resize the article text to make it easier to read, and read articles even while you are offline.

The most recent information about crimes in Hull and East Yorkshire. Read the most recent police appeals, crime-related features, and commentary from the Humberside Police.

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