Ford lightning Electric Truck

The Ford F-150 Ford lightning could be the company’s greatest pickup truck ever. It only required making it totally electric, which for a conventional truck firm like Ford lightning would have appeared off-brand not long ago. Up until now, electric trucks have been dominated by newer automakers. Tesla unveiled a prototype of its futuristic, electric Cyber truck in 2019, but has yet to put it into production. Rivian released the R1T electric pickup, which was named Truck of the Year by Motor Trend in 2022. Last month, though, when Ford began production on the F-150 Lightning at its famed Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan, the electric truck fully entered the mainstream.

It’s fast and powerful, and it handles better than any previous F-150 I’ve driven. All of this, plus it performs things you’d never expect a truck to do, like offer workspace beneath the hood that also serves as a beverage fridge. This is a genuine truck, not a camping toy or a bizarre design experiment. It’s now being manufactured by a business that knows how to mass-produce automobiles. Ford lightning intends to produce 150,000 of these trucks each year, or roughly 20% of all F-series trucks sold last year. The Ford Lightning is an electric version of America’s most popular truck. Ford merely needed to talk to its own consumers to determine what truck owners actually want and need. This wasn’t some exotic adventure. During a two-day event in San Antonio, Texas, I had the opportunity to drive numerous models of the truck in a variety of circumstances.

Ford lightning Facts

The electric F-150 Ford lightning is roaring into the future, bringing with it a steep learning curve in terms of new technology and terminology that truck customers are unfamiliar with. Let’s start with what matters to Houston truck owners who are considering placing a reservation for the 2019 F-150 Lightning.

  • XLT, Lariat, and Platinum are the consumer trim levels available.
  • Commercial and fleet clients can get the Ford lightning Pro model.
  • Standard-Range and Extended-Range batteries are available.
  • 300 miles of range and 563 horsepower are projected by the EPA.
  • Ford Charge Station Pro 240-volt wall box with 80-amp power supply is included in the Extended-Range model.

In both battery versions, the two electric motors function in the same way: one powers the front axle and the other powers the back axle.

  • 563 horsepower and 775 lb/ft of torque from the extended-range battery.
  • 426 horsepower and 775 lb/ft of torque with the standard range battery.
  • The Extended-Range and Standard-Range batteries have different battery ranges:
  • By using the Extended-Range battery you can easily cover the about 300 miles from one battery charge.
  • By using the Standard range battery you can easily cover the 230 miles from one battery charge.

A 4×4 drivetrain and a Class IV trailer are include on both the Extended-Range and Standard-Range battery variants.

Ford lightning Power

The F-150 Lightning will be powered by batteries and two electric motors, which will provide more horsepower and torque than any other F-150 on the market today, the quickest acceleration, and the capacity to move massive loads and two large trailers over Buda roads and construction sites. Due to much less maintenance, Ford lightning estimates a 40% reduction over the lifetime cost of the truck vs a gasoline engine. Furthermore, with rapid software, the F-150 Lightning will improve over time.

Ford lightning charging

Ford has make charging simple by including a mobile charge wire that can inserted into a standard household socket. Customers may also utilize a 240V NEMA 14-45 plug or install the Ford lightning Connected Charge Station or another third-party charging station at their home for a faster charging procedure. Customers will have access to the Ford lightning Pass Charging Network, North America’s biggest public charging network.

The State-of-Charge shows in the car at all times to keep drivers informed of remaining range and power use. The Lightning is fit for DC fast charging at public charging stations and has access to the Ford Pass Charging Network, North America’s biggest public charging network.

Ford lighting Features

The F-150 Ford lighting Power Frunk is also washable and features drain outlets for days at the beach or muddy circumstances. The frunk may  opened in several ways, including via the key fob, a grille-mounted button, or the external keypad. If your garage is low in height, the Mega Power Frunk adapts to different heights while lifting so it doesn’t damage your garage.

Ford lightning surprising things

But it was how much better the Ford lightning drove than the gas-powered F-150s that astonished me the most. That’s primarily owing to the greater weight distribution that comes with massive battery packs distributed between the front and rear wheels rather than a huge engine beneath the hood. The Lightning also boasts independent rear suspension, rather than the strong solid rear axle used in other F-150s, so a bump on one side doesn’t affect the other. The Ford lightning is a very pleasant highway cruiser because of this, as well as the seamless power delivery of electric motors that never need to shift gears.

The Lightning showed astonishingly adept off-road, ascending alarmingly steep, muddy slopes. That may not come as a surprise considering the path was choose by Ford to showcase the truck, but to Ford’s credit, the vehicle I drove scrambled over slick boulders with the same tires I drove on the Interstate. Electric motors are perfect for slippery work because of their smooth and rapid power transfer to whichever wheels can utilize it.

Scale of Ford lightning

According to Farley, completing such orders may take more than a year. Although that timeline is greater than previous lead times for similar cars, it is still predict to be faster than other EVs. New Hummer EV orders aren’t schedule to  met until 2024, and Rivian only aims to built 25,000 vehicles this year.

In terms of the basics, the new Ford lightning F-150 is very similar to its predecessors. You might not detect it was anything but another F-150 at first glance if you don’t see the charging port on one front fender and the false charging port on the side. Aside from that, it features some extra lights running across the truck’s front and tailgate, as well as no holes in the grille. I wondered if many folks in the other pickup trucks around me understood how different this one was from theirs as I drove through the south Texas countryside.

Growing segment

According to LMC Automotive, the electric pickup truck market in the United States. It will grow from around 25,000 cars this year to around 1 million by 2030. Over the following decade, the five electric pickup models offer this year are anticipate to increase to 21.

Tesla and other EV start-ups have been eyeing the category that the Detroit automakers have controlled for decades. It  has triggered the race to manufacture electric pickups. For the past 40 years, Ford’s  when it comes to electric pickups. And neither of these are titles Ford wants to give up.

Final words

However, gas vehicles can go further on a single tank to begin with — according to the EPA. The V6-powered Ford lightning F-150 can travel up to 520 miles  and filling a tank takes less time than recharging a battery. For some purchasers, this will be a significant concern. However, most truck owners travel far less than 200 miles a day and could easily recharge overnight. The only issue currently is that clients who have not already placed a purchase. It will have a difficult time getting The Lightning. Due to tremendous demand, Ford has halt receiving orders from retail customers. Much of what makes the F-150 Ford lightning special will likely be share. By future electric trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Ram 1500.

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