Common Mistakes to Avoid In the IELTS exam to score 8+ band

In India, many students are developing a passion for clearing the IELTS exam with an excellent score. Well, an excellent score in the IELTS exam means that the user has a very good grasp of the English language. Naturally, this means that he can deal with other natives in the English language without getting into any difficulty. An excellent score can help you get admission/job in the top institutions/organizations abroad. Also, there are other immense benefits of clearing the exam with an excellent score. But a minor mistake while taking the test can affect the score. Such as misinterpreting the question incorrectly, not following the instructions properly, getting nervous while listening to the audio, etc. These mistakes can only be avoided by practicing regularly. This article will elaborate on the common mistakes to avoid in the IELTS exam for scoring score 8+ bands.

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Check out a few common mistakes to avoid in the IELTS exam to score 8+ bands.

  • Lack in IELTS exam practice listening skills

Myriads of students find it quite hard to understand English properly. Moreover, anxiety affects the overall listening and understanding strength of the student during tough situations. Hence, it is mandatory to enhance the IELTS exam practice listening skills already before taking the test. You can listen to these audiobooks in your free time or while traveling. Also, you can listen to news podcasts. Trust us, listening to audiobooks and news podcasts will surely help you in enhancing your listening skills in English.

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  • A week vocabulary

A good vocabulary will help you in sentence formation in English. You are advised to learn at least three words daily. Moreover, try to use them in your regular life. This will help you memorize the meaning of words. But please remember that there are homophones and homonyms in the English language. Such as ring, right, spring, rose, etc. Also, you have to enhance your knowledge of synonyms. Because this will help you avoid repetitions of words while taking writing and speaking tests. So, enhance your vocabulary to ace the  IELTS  exam.

  • Not speaking English much

If you are afraid of speaking in English in front of people then dear, it is impossible to learn English. You have to speak in English on a daily basis. We are not suggesting that you to speak incorrect English. But try to speak short phrases. If you are still afraid of speaking in English among people then take help from social sites. Posting a caption written in correct English can boost your confidence in speaking English in front of a billion people. Make sure the caption is written in correct English. Otherwise, this will decrease your confidence. If you are an introvert then you can consider your reflection as a different person. Then speak to it in the English language.

  • Lack of writing skills

Many students make some common mistakes while taking the writing test. Such as using bullets and numbering excessively, not using different paragraphs to express a  different idea, wrong spellings, etc. It is necessary to avoid such mistakes to get an excellent score. For attempting the write answer, you have to understand the task correctly. Furthermore, keep the word limits in your mind while writing the answer. You have to allot the full time to each and every task.  Please practice answer writing to ace the writing test of the IELTS exam.

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  • Not solving IELTS exam sample

Practicing sample papers is a must to ace the IELTS exam sample. If you have a good hold on the English language then still we recommend you to solve sample papers. Because there is a difference between the syllabus of IELTS English and academic English. The IELTS exam sample demands strict rules and standards. Moreover, while solving sample papers you will come to know your weaknesses. Furthermore, sample papers help you know the exact pattern of the exam which eventually reduces the edginess that happens during the exam.

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Before wrapping up, let us tell you that every section of the IELTS exam is given equal weightage. Furthermore, don’t compromise with correctness while speaking fluent English.


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