The renowned Victorian playwright Ira Aldridge’s journey is well-known; at the age of seventeen, she fled racial injustice in the United States to pursue his craft in Britain and Europe. Although his daughter Amanda’s tale has received considerable attention elsewhere, it is nevertheless worth mentioning here. Ira and Pauline Amanda Brandt’s third child, Amanda Aldridge, was born on March 10th, 1866. Pauline Brandt, a Swedish concert singer who was 27 years Ira’s junior, and Ira were married in April 1865 at Penge, south London, after the couple had already had two children together. Her parents had a residence in nearby Upper Norwood around the time Amanda was born.

Amanda Aldridge - Bio, Career, and Lifestyle


Amanda Aldridge’s parents gave birth to her. Her father’s name was Ira Amanda Aldridge. The name of her mother wasn’t well known. His father is an English-speaking American actor, playwright, and theatre director. Unknown was her mother’s occupation. Luranah Aldridge and Ira Daniel Aldridge are two brothers and sisters.  She was born on March 10th, 1866. He was born in Upper Norwood, London. He was old when he passed away at the age of 89. She practised Christianity. She went by Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge, which is her real name. Amanda Aldridge was her given name. On March 9th, 1956, she died in London at the age of 59. Famous black British singer, musician, and musician, July 17th Google Doodle. Google’s doodle honours.

Amanda Aldridge Career

After completing her education, Aldridge held jobs as a vocal instructor, concert singer, and piano accompanist. Between 1907 and 1925, she released roughly thirty songs in a romantic parlour style as well as instrumental pieces in other styles. Children of politically engaged Black middle-class families in London attended her classes, including Amy Barbour-James, the daughter of John Barbour-James, Frank Alcindor, the son of Dr. John Alcindor, and Alice Evans, the sister of musician Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

African-American actors Roland Hayes, Lawrence Benjamin Brown, Marian Anderson, and Paul Robeson, as well as Bermudan-British actor Earl Cameron, were among her noteworthy pupils. Aldridge attended the 1930 West End production of Robeson’s Othello performance and handed Robeson the gold earrings that her father, Ira Aldridge, had worn as the title character. Aldridge also mentored singer Ida Shepley, helping her transition from a performer to a theatre actor. The African-American weekly magazine Jet stated in 1951 that she was still instructing students in voice and piano at the age of 86.

Music Education

At the Royal College of Music in London, Aldridge focused on voice while studying with Jenny Lind and Sir George Henschel as well as concordance and antithesis with Frederick Bridge and Francis Edward Gladstone. After her investigations were complete, Aldridge took over as a performance vocalist, piano backing, and voice instructor. Her appearances on shows were cut short due to a throat ailment, and she turned to teach instead. Between 1907 and 1925, she distributed about thirty tunes in a passionate parlor style as well as instrumental music in various styles.

Paul Robeson, Marian Anderson, Roland Hayes, and Lawrence Benjamin Brown were some of her impressive understudies. Aldridge took part in the 1930 West End production of Othello that Robeson was playing, and she gave Robeson the gold studs that her father, Ira Aldridge, had worn as Othello. Alike Aldridge

Amanda Aldridge TV life

When Luranah Aldridge (1860–1922), an opera singer, fell ill, Amanda took care of her. In 1921, W. E. B. Du Bois sent an invitation to Amanda to join the second Pan-African Congress. Amanda declined, writing in a note: As you are aware, my sister is completely defenceless. I am only allowed to leave for little periods of time. Muriel Smith’s performance of Montague Ring’s “Little Southern Love Song” on the British programme Music For You marked Aldridge’s debut on television at the age of 88. She passed away in London on March 9, 1956, one day before turning 90, following a brief illness.

Stephen Bourne evaluated the composer’s life and career in the illustrated story “At home with Amanda Ira Aldridge” in the Autumn 2020 issue of The Historian. Aldridge’s biography for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography was originally authored by Bourne. Google created a Doodle in 2022 to pay tribute to Aldridge.

Finished singing

After laryngitis ruined her throat, Aldridge gave up singing to write and teach music. Published under the alias Montague Ring was her music. She became well-known for her numerous piano and voice compositions under this persona, including sambas, light symphonic pieces, love songs, suites, and songs that mixed various genres.

Death and interment

Plot 30.153 in Section SQ23R of Stratham Park Cemetery is where Amanda. She left no grave marker. It is regrettable that no funds were for a headstone despite the fact that she left an estate worth more than £11,000 at today’s prices. However, it may not be too late to make amends and provide this remarkable woman, who was so much more than the daughter of a well-known father, with a fitting memorial. She wasn’t married, Amanda Aldridge. She didn’t have children. He kept in touch with his students on a personal level. He was in charge of two birds, Mr. and Mrs., for his entire life.

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