9 Professional-Grade Tools You Need to Become a Video Editor

Video has been a major source of entertainment. Over the last few decades, digital video usage has witnessed a huge rise. Editing makes a video seamless and consumable. The use of professional-grade tools for video editing helps in adding special music, visual effects, and color grading. 

If you’re planning to start your career as a video editor, then the following tools will help you with perfection.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe comes first in the list of the best non-linear video editing tools for featuring cross-platform availability. From feature-length films to social media work, Adobe Premiere Pro is used mainly for everything. It provides better control over both audio and video. Adobe Premiere Pro supports up to 8K video and also offers seamless integration with other Adobe tools.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is another video editing tool that comes in both free and premium editions. Even the free version serves the users with an amazing range of powerful features and a host of stunning formats. For example, AVI and MPG. The VSDC video editor can be an ideal option for students or beginners who want to learn image editing and new skills affordably.


Used to change the application using API for Python script, Blender is an open-source 3D conception suite. Available for Mac, Linux, and Windows users, this tool is designed as 3D software with a built-in editor. Moreover, it can be used for motion tracking or 2D animation. A flexible interface makes it perfect for pro videographers and beginners.


One of the responsive video editing tools, iMovie, allows you to record, edit, and export professionally appearing HD movies. It lets users create engaging movies, cinema-quality videos, and Hollywood-style trailers. You can save project in imovie or even learn storytelling by selecting from 20 storyboards that help you begin with famous video types.

Final Cut Pro

This is another non-linear video editing software from Apple, well optimized for Mac. Compared to Adobe Premiere Pro, this software is much easier to use. It is not subscription-based and charges just a one-time fee. Use it for a lifetime, even on Mac upgrades also. The biggest advantage is that it can be integrated to modify footage taken on iPhone in Cinematic mode.


VideoShow editing tool provides a great solution for editing your Instagram videos by adding appealing text, stickers, emojis, and more. It has amazing features such as video splicing or an audio extractor that allows you to create amazing Instagram content. You can take your Instagram videos and convert them into YouTube channels, podcasts, or other platforms.

Adobe After Effects

This is 2.5D video editing software that provides awesome integration with Adobe Premiere Pro. This tool is specifically designed for motion graphics designers and video editors. It is primarily used in visual effects, motion graphics compositing, and impressive animations. Video editors use this software for simple compositing and creating titles.


Filmora is another compelling tool for not-so-tech-savvy video editors who want simple solutions to creating shareable content. Video editors can create compelling marketing videos without compromising quality. It perfectly balances great features with many video effects and an intuitive, natural user interface. Filmora supports 4K, HD, and all other video formats.


Originally designed for Linux, Shotcut is a perfect tool for videos editors who’re looking for a customizable interface and compatibility. It offers exceptional audio effect options and supports a wide range of video file formats. Some of them include PRoRes, FFmpeg, DNxHD, and 4K. It permits the user to modify the window layout.

What Else?

There are several options to edit videos for Instagram. But first, figure out what type of videos you’re planning to edit, i.e., reels, feed posts, or stories. If you want to edit a videos for Instagram stories, keep the length to a maximum of 15 seconds.

If you are a Mac user, iMovie can be an ideal option. The best feature is that you can move the iMovie project between your iPad and iPhone using iCloud Drive or AirDrop. Moreover, you can share videos with family and friends through messages or mail.

Once you’ve done the editing in the iMovie app, save it on your Mac by going to File in the menu bar and clicking Share. Or click on the three dots and choose “Share Project” from the pop-up list. At last, select ‘File’. You don’t have to download the iMovie app, as it is pre-installed on Mac.


The scope of videos editing is growing rapidly. This profession is required in TV studios, filmmaking, web videos making, and more fields. A successful videos editor needs key videos editing skills and expert-level tools to get more control over the content. So, use the best tool as per your project requirement to give your career a boost. 


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