4 Tips for Purchasing Your Teen’s First School Laptop

While kids are busy in summer holiday mode right now, parents are already starting to think of all the back-to-school items they are going to need to purchase. For parents of teens, a laptop is no longer just a handy device but often a necessary tool for their schooling, homework, and assignments. Waiting until the end of summer to pick one up is never a good plan, as pickings will be slim, and you may be forced to compromise on different specifications.

Let’s take a look at four tips for purchasing your teen’s first school laptop so you can get it done nice and early, well before school heads back.

Size Matters – Think in Terms of Lightweight Portability

If your teen plans on taking their laptop to and from school or plans to move around the house and work in different areas, then it needs to be lightweight and portable. Not every laptop is designed the same, so you want something that is sleek and can easily be placed in a backpack. As for the screen size, it’s best to go with the smallest screen that is still comfortable and practical for their use. Most students will do just fine with a 14″ or 15″ screen, which is seen as the standard size.

Shop within a Budget

The next tip is to set a budget you feel comfortable with and stick to it. Laptops are known for having a wide price range, which means there’s a little something for everyone. The student discounts at Lenovo, as well as other promotions and deals, can also make expensive models more affordable getting you more bang for your buck.

Generally speaking, for your teen’s first school laptop there is no need to purchase the top-of-the-line model, yet at the same time, you probably want a mid-range laptop with a bit more features than the entry-models offer. Mid-range models tend to be built a bit better in terms of durability and lifespan, which is also important to factor in.

The Processor and RAM Need to Factor In

While the main purpose of your teen’s laptop is to use it for school, chances are they will also use it for entertainment such as gaming and streaming content. With that in mind, the processor and RAM are both important. You want to look for at least an Intel Core i5 for the processor, or ideally a little higher. As for the RAM, experts suggest no less than 8GB for teens. If the budget allows, you can always look at more RAM.

How About the Battery Life?

Because your teen will likely use the laptop for long periods, you want to find one with the best battery life possible. There will be times when it’s not convenient or possible to plug the laptop in, so they will depend on the battery.

All of these tips and factors will help you to find the right laptop for your teen, allowing them to be as productive as possible when it comes to their schooling and studies.

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